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Please join us in supporting this great Manitowish Waters event. The Solstice Festival is for riders to enjoy our area’s bike trails and the beauty that surrounds us as well as the promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Big Wheel Level


  • HUGE Logo On All Promo Material
  • Your supplied banner at Start/Finish
  • Promoted in Media, Radio, TV and ads
  • 4 FREE Registrations
  • Plus Gear Shift Level benefits

Gear Shift Level


  • Large Logo On All Promo Material
  • Booth Space At Start Area of Event
  • Prominent Social Media Recognition
  • 3 FREE Registrations
  • Plus Pedal Level benefits

Pedal Level


  • Logo On Festival Bag
  • Logo on Solstice Festival website
  • Social Media & Email Promotion
  • 2 FREE Registrations
  • Plus Spoke Level benefits

Spoke Level


  • Name on Festival Bag
  • Social Media Recognition
  • Name listed on Solstice Festival website
  • Opportunity for Items in Goodie Bags
  • 1 FREE Registration

Bells & Whistle Level

$25 and up

  • Name on Website
  • Social Media Recognition
  • Support the Solstice Festival
  • Promote Family Fun
  • Promote a healthy, active lifestyle