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Please join us in supporting this great Manitowish Waters event. The Solstice Festival on June 18 & 19, 2021 is for riders to enjoy our area’s bike trails and the beauty that surrounds us as well as the promotion of a healthy, active lifestyle.

Big Wheel Level


  • HUGE Logo On All Promo Material
  • Your supplied banner at Start/Finish
  • Promoted in Media, Radio, TV and ads
  • 4 FREE Registrations
  • Plus Gear Shift Level benefits

Gear Shift Level


  • Large Logo On All Promo Material
  • Booth Space At Start Area of Event
  • Prominent Social Media Recognition
  • 3 FREE Registrations
  • Plus Pedal Level benefits

Pedal Level


  • Logo On Festival Bag
  • Logo on Solstice Festival website
  • Social Media & Email Promotion
  • 2 FREE Registrations
  • Plus Spoke Level benefits

Spoke Level


  • Name on Festival Bag
  • Social Media Recognition
  • Name listed on Solstice Festival website
  • Opportunity for Items in Goodie Bags
  • 1 FREE Registration

Bells & Whistle Level

$25 and up

  • Name on Website
  • Social Media Recognition
  • Support the Solstice Festival
  • Promote Family Fun
  • Promote a healthy, active lifestyle